Welcome to the Showcase. These pages are indended to both present the work of BDB LLC and it's employees, and to serve as an ogoing training exercise in sortware- and web-development.
As this page evolves you can expect it to feature increasingly advanced web features and both diretly-launchable and downloadable programs.

The bread and butter of BDB LLC and its primary contractor, Brian Bower, is contracting and consulting on matters relating to biology and biotechnology.
This section will showcase recent and historical contract and academic work by Brian Bower and BDB LLC.

In the interests of expanding BDB LLC capabilities, Brian Bower is pursuing additional training in information technology, with a focus on software- and web-development.
This section will showcase some independent and class-related projects.

A portion of Information Technology work done by BDB LLC and Brian Bower focus on automating stock market trading analyses.
This section summarizes the market indicators and analyses methods used to direct portions of BDB LLC and Brian Bower's investments.

An interactive CV and a selection of related hyperlinked files to support the CV, and as a showcase of academic talents and capabilities.